Mafia's Best

Protecting the American Dream

". . . as our ancestors did long ago, we have to regroup, expand across the country and attack corruption wherever it flourishes . . . at the next election, and the one after that, and the one after that," he said.




The author chronicles how far a deeply principled man has gone to replicate his ancestor’s feat to protect the American Dream for the world over.

In the process of implementing his plan, men with high emotions and even higher aspirations play complimentary and at times competing roles. A father is slain and his only son seeks revenge . . .  A mother sends her son out into the world with one piece of advice: “Trust no one . . .  not even your mother”. . . A man fatally shoots his brother and girlfriend for shaming him with their affair . . . A father spits on his dead son’s face and roars “Bastard!” before slamming the lid of his casket shut.

The central character, Don Saverio, has a cause: reform Mafia to its original ideology – men of honor who speak the truth – and instill that ideology into American politics and big business to protect the American Dream. Unwittingly, his young appointee, Ray, comes to care about the cause. But when he follows orders to move to New York to take charge of the great plan for America – and not inconsequentially agrees to keep a close eye on his boss’ beautiful, talented daughter, Silvana – he finds that furthering this ideology means coming face to face with the age-old temptations of greed, power, and corruption that have always threatened to sabotage the American Dream.

The story ultimately reveals that no matter how much grip on power the old have, the ongoing success of any government lies in the hands of the new.  From ancient revolutions to the American Revolution to contemporary struggles, sparked by the young, the feat repeats itself.

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Open letter to the American Dreamer & Non-dreamer alike  

       About the Author

Michael Sammaritano is a native Sicilian. He has lived the American Dream for over fifty years. He resides in Palm Beach County, Florida. Envisioning what lies ahead for the American Dream he wrote this novel with profound reverence for the American Dreamer and the Non-Dreamer alike.

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