November 11, 2010

Open Letter to the American Dreamer
and Non-dreamer alike

Protecting the American Dream

By Michael Sammaritano

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". . . as our ancestors did long ago, we have to regroup, expand across the country and attack corruption wherever it flourishes . . . at the next election, and the one after that, and the one after that," he said.






Michael Sammaritano


Dear Friend,
I was shoved and squeezed out of the womb of the Queen Frederica and then rushed down the ramp onto Pier 57. When I looked up there was no midwife. 

Instead, there were lots of skyscrapers. I said: Wow!  . . . Its a dream come true.
I was born in New York City at age twenty. 

In my fifty-plus-year journey to here, I have lived the American Dream. In my seventies now, the older I get the more I feel for our ancestors. Owing to the Great Depression, the American Dream ceased to exist for many of them.

To make ends meet, they moved their families back to their native land. Its hard to imagine the helpless feeling of being forced to give up your dream. 

Mafia's Best - Protecting the American Dream is a novel revealing how far others have gone to protect the American Dream whatever that dream represents for each of them.

In the novel, Don Saverio has a Cause . . . protect the American Dream at any cost including his family and his life.

You need not be that fanatic. To discover why and how far you should go to protect the American Dream, read the book.

Collectively we define the ongoing American Dream.

Thanks for reading,
Michael Sammaritano


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