ISBN 0-97715412-2    6" x 9"       
Hardcover 425 Pages   US $24.95
Third Edition Published 2010                  



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Complete with every form you'll ever need to run your business.

Electrical Contracting is the encyclopedia of the electrical contracting business. Its radically simplified format assists the novice and the seasoned contractor who wants to avoid costly pitfalls. It converts their field experience into profitable managerial tools. Electrical Contracting reverts the reader to the fundamentals of contracting, for in them lies control.

Electrical Contracting covers topics such as marketing, selling, contracting and protecting the job’s profit, least of all estimating the job. It also assists the contractor with business letter writing and how to deal with the general contractor, the architect, the engineer, the building department, the vendors and the manufacturers. Most importantly it deals with the electrical contractor’s staff and his field workforce. No stone is left unturned. Electrical Contracting is complemented with most business form used in the electrical contracting business.



Mr. Sammaritano does an excellent job of hitting virtually all conceivable challenges faced by an electrical contractor.  He truly lives up to the claim of "The Only contracting book You'll Ever Need".  I look forward to recommending the book to my E. C. clients.

Theodore Capistrant, President
Profit Builder Network


Michael Sammaritano has covered ALL Aspects of starting and owning an electrical contracting business.  Electrical Contracting is easy to read with a fabulous "Quick Start" chapter at the back of the book.
This is the absolute best book and a must read for anyone thinking about starting or fine tuning an electrical contracting business.

Kris Solie-Johnson, Chancellor & President
American Institute of Small Businesses


Written by Michael Sammaritano, an electrical and general contractor of forty years' experience, Electrical Contracting is a no-nonsense, in-depth guide to the world of electrical contracting for anyone in the business field, from novice electrical contractor to seasoned professional.  Now in an updated second edition, Electrical Contracting is a "how-to" manual for the nuances of running a successful electrical contracting business; emphatically not a "how-to" or "do-it-yourself" for performing actual electrical installation. Chapters go far beyond the basics of contracting and its markets, delving into sales and how to make an accurate estimate, how to negotiate a balanced contract, how to control costs while doing the job, how to collect money from recalcitrant clients, quick start tips and checklists for undertaking jobs, and much more.  An absolute "must-have" for entrepreneurs in the field, filled cover to cover with the wisdom of firsthand experience.

Willis M. Buhle
Bookwatch Book Review

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